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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Mission

To discover life-changing treatments and cures that transform the lives of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.


Company Overview

The Company is a biotech firm advancing first in class therapeutics, to treat and cure the devastating disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Our mission is to discover life-changing treatments and cures, that transform the lives of people struggling with addiction. 


            The Company believes there are three pillars of cause that trigger and fuel addiction. The three pillars of cause are as follows: (1) the chemical aspect of the disease as it affects the mind internally; (2) the environmental influences a patient is subject to; and (3) behavioral habits such as diet and exercise. Our pathway to a cure for addiction seeks to fight the disease in all three of these pillars of cause. 


            The Company’s “think tank” approach allows it to pursue a multitude of theories that can lead to the chemical cure for addiction. One such theory, focused on epigenetics, is now in preliminary testing. Also the company is testing endocannabinoid compounds which we believe have very promising potential. Furthermore, the Company is working with compounding pharmacies to develop a supporting line of nutraceuticals for disease state management. Some nutraceuticals may not require FDA approval which allows for faster to market modalities.

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Letter From The Founder

One day, I was sitting and watching a friend of mine speaking at an Addiction Conference, crying for all the people he had counseled, who had died from drug overdoses, repeating "this has to stop, this has to stop", and I thought to myself, "I can’t believe there’s not a chemical cure for a chemical problem"…and ACT Sciences began. I've experienced the ravages of addiction on my family first hand, and I have spent many decades working to help those struggling to break free from the bondage of addiction. I've written books; My Addict Your Addict, Addiction and Recovery Handbook, developed the Free For Life Overcoming Addiction online video program, spoken at countless conferences on overcoming addiction, and have done numerous radio and TV interviews on the subject. Yet it broke my heart to realize there wasn’t a unified industry effort seriously and single-mindedly dedicated to finding an addiction cure. So many lives and families are devastated by addiction, as one out of every eight people is an addict. I thought someone’s got to try and fight this, and I felt compelled to do it, not because I think I’m the most qualified, but because I am willing to do it, to go all in, and make this my cause and mission in life. 

I believe ACT Sciences has attracted and will continue to attract a team of the most qualified professionals in the world, all dedicated to one cause, saving lives. So we proceed with a single focus, finding a cure, no matter how long it takes. We can't stop or give up, and we must keep going forward, which is always the answer and always the path to success. We are determined, committed, and intensely focused on finding a cure and achieving this goal. We know it won't be easy, but most things worth achieving are rarely easy... but they are always worth it!



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